Monday, January 30, 2006

A quick thought...

Muslims don't recognize the Jews as God's chosen people.
Jews don't recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
Protestants don't recognize the Pope as the head of the church.
Baptist don't recognize each other at Hooters

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Phil's Favorite Aunt

Phil's Favorite Aunt Calli want and picked a nice little sweater for Phil The Wonder Dog. It is so cute that it matches his little bed. It should keep him warm on the nice cold walks in the evenings. Not to be upstaged Uncle Austin came with candy. Phil loves when they visit.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fan had heart attack seconds after Bettis fumble

Updated: Jan. 17, 2006, 5:18 PM ET
Fan had heart attack seconds after Bettis fumble
Associated Press

Talk about a heart-stopping game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts.
Terry O'Neill, 50, of Pittsburgh, was watching the game at a bar and had a heart attack seconds after Jerome Bettis fumbled trying to score from the 2-yard line late in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger prevented the Colts' Nick Harper from returning the recovered ball for a touchdown and the Steelers hung on for a 21-18 win.
O'Neill said Bettis is his hero.

"I wasn't upset that the Steelers might lose," he said. "I was upset because I didn't want to see him end his career like that. A guy like that deserves better. I guess it was a little too much for me to handle."

O'Neill, who was recovering at a hospital, credits two firefighters with saving him.
"The Steelers won the game and I'm still alive, so I guess I'm doing pretty good," he said.
He will have a pacemaker implanted to control an irregular heartbeat and he was prescribed medication to deal with the hypertension. And while he would like to go to the bar to thank the guys who saved him, O'Neill said, "but for the most part I guess I should probably take it easy and watch the game at home."

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Weather is not Phoenix

The Weather is not Phoenix

Day 12. Twin Cities held hostage. It has been about 12 days since most of us have seen any significant sunshine in the Twin Cities, and most of Minnesota and western Wisconsin. There was reportedly some 330 minutes of sunshine back on Dec. 23, according to National Weather Service records. Now it's true that there were about two hours of sunlight in the southwestern metro on Sunday, New Year's Day, but the clearing line didn't quite make it into most of the metro. It's a mixed blessing, I know. The roads are in decent shape, we're all saving money on heating bills, but we're all half-crazy because of a lack of sunlight! How do people in Seattle and Portland stand it?.above from

Monday, January 02, 2006

priorities in life

You have to love Loyal OSU Former Players. It always good to have priorities in life.

Less than 45 minutes after Ohio State defeated Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett turns himself in to police. This comes a day after he was accused of holding up two people at gunpoint in the alley behind a bar.

You know it's a good day when

You know it a good day, when you have a day off and the final score is Notre Dame 20 and The Ohio State University 34 in the Fiesta Bowl,


Remember this comment comes from a Youth Pastor. I really love to serve communion. You are able to see people who are so grateful to be at the Lord ’s Table, people who want Jesus in their lives, people who wants to run rapidly to touch the Savior. I really think those who are older in life appreciate this gift more  As you serve communion you get to look into people eyes. This past weekend, I was the “rover” who served people who could not walk up to the front of the church. I approached one person who had a cane and asked if I could serve him, he very politely said, I walk to the alter to take communion. It was seeing God people, wanting to be with God.

My goal and calling is to get the youth to have that passion for communion.