Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Just when Monday Night Football is over. 24 will start. I love having Mondays off. Watch the 24 trailer

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is one mad news anchor.

fox newscaster gets flustered and GOES OFF on one of the cray-ladies from westboro church (the ‘god hates fags’ people). seriously — i think if they had been in the same studio, the phelps woman would have left the studio in pain. wow. Hit To Marko. Sometimes working for a church is shamefull and this so called church is one of those that makes me feel that way.

Friday, October 06, 2006

General Session #1

This year the theme is Reveal. The question of the weekend, is what is God going to reveal about yourself to you or himself to you. . Ys is always good at loving the youth worker(s) at they just loving us.

Besides Marko and Tic on stage, a new person is working on the “woman in ministry front” at YS. It nice to see a new face, but I do hope we get to see Karla this week on stage.

David Crowder is great as always. Love having him and the boys on stage, David will leave us on Saturday night to return to his home church, You have to admire his desire to be at his home church each Sunday, but sad he will not be with us.

The main speaker at the 1st general session Buster Soareis, a Africa-American preached up a storm, I thought he did good, but mid afternoon is always my hardest to focus. The message in a sentence. Expect God to be a God who will do new things. Expect God to act differently than ever before.

The best part so far, is the convention center is free wireless.

Try to catch the front page of New York times articles on youth ministry and church.

NYWC Day # 1

Today was travel day to the NWYC. Let me tell you Austin is hot. It was about 95 today and really felt like it, It seems everyplace I travel these days it is hot, I would like it to be warm, just not hot.

After checking into the hotel I want over to the exhibit hall and looked around and got some ideas. I stopped and visited the folks from . I also looked at the new Snapshot 5.0 , which I purchased on the spot. Look for a major upgrade to the youth website ( in the near future. This new version is web based and major upgrade.
I got invited to dinner with Josh, Andy and Nadim. We had a nice person from a United Methodist Church join us for dinner. We want across the street to Champions. It a new restaurant that just open this week. It owned by Lance Armstrong. It a great place with tons of TV’s. They gave us some free shirts and it was great time. Lance will be at the restaurant on Saturday so I am going back.
It was like having dinner during the Podcast with some of the Podcast group. We also had one of the youth workers earned $5.00 for sucking mustard via a straw. Classic moment.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Austin , Here I come

Tomorrow I am off to the National Youth Workers Convention in Austin Texas. I am so excited. It has been a busy stressful couple of months and the pace has been really hard in the past 3 weeks. We hosted a see you at the pole Post rally at the church ( 144 people attended). Worked on the media for a Young Life Kick off event in Hastings for Tuesday night and spoke at a combine community worhship event this past Sunday Morning.

Today was a long day with an issue from the conference level that took sometime and will even take effort when I am gone this weekend.

I will try to blog everyday or more at the convention.

Tomorrow I am up early, take the dog to the Kennel, make phone calls and travel to the airport.