Friday, October 06, 2006

NYWC Day # 1

Today was travel day to the NWYC. Let me tell you Austin is hot. It was about 95 today and really felt like it, It seems everyplace I travel these days it is hot, I would like it to be warm, just not hot.

After checking into the hotel I want over to the exhibit hall and looked around and got some ideas. I stopped and visited the folks from . I also looked at the new Snapshot 5.0 , which I purchased on the spot. Look for a major upgrade to the youth website ( in the near future. This new version is web based and major upgrade.
I got invited to dinner with Josh, Andy and Nadim. We had a nice person from a United Methodist Church join us for dinner. We want across the street to Champions. It a new restaurant that just open this week. It owned by Lance Armstrong. It a great place with tons of TV’s. They gave us some free shirts and it was great time. Lance will be at the restaurant on Saturday so I am going back.
It was like having dinner during the Podcast with some of the Podcast group. We also had one of the youth workers earned $5.00 for sucking mustard via a straw. Classic moment.

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