Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Vacation goes on

Vacation in Parker is going well, I have been able to hang with some old friends from Church Staff at PUMC. I spent Wednesday afternoon hanging with Chris Robinson as he heals from an illness. It was great to be with him.

Thursday saw lunch with friend and planning of the summer with my intern that will be joining HUMC. Ty Schaufnegal, aka Denver Ty, aka Ty, AKA hey you AKA intern Dude. The summer is shaping up to be a time of great change at HUMC and Ty will help move the program from the Rut we are in, to a better place for the Kingdom.

I spent Friday Morning meeting with Scott and old friend who runs the Young Life ( chapter in Franktown and Parker. As Hastings is starting to gear up for a Young Life Chapter, it was great to reconnect with just how important Young Life can be.

Friday evening was watching Basketball at Jack & Jill sports bar in Parker, Why after I leave Parker finally gets a great sports bar? Just askin.

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