Sunday, April 16, 2006


When you are on church staff you measure your time in the firsts at a new church, well I am all done with those as of today. We held Easter at our local High School. The Hastings High school Auditorium is the pride of the community with a state of the art, well everything.

This works well for our church as we can hold around 1200 in the High school, but barely 400 in our building. When the different worship services can come together, it helps all to see the greater Kingdom.

It was a great morning with awesome day, great messages by Mike Graham (Dark Blue shirt) and Shane Burton. I think the service was put together well including a couple of video clips of God has a Plan and He is My King. You know how I love video clips. My role was kind of the stage manager, troubleshooter for the weekend. It was a nice to really be able to sit back and enjoy the service.

For those in Parker, yes I do miss not being with you this weekend, but it was nice to see many of you a couple of weeks ago.

A special shout out Cole is who hanging in Norway for year of study overseas.

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