Monday, July 24, 2006

Summer Camp

Well the summer sizzler camp (grades 6-9) is over for another year. It was a young camp, which provided a bit stressful for some of our staff, as they struggled with the lack of depth, but in the end it was a great camp. The lesson I relearned is that God will appear and really does not need our micro managing and second guessing.

I have been told that Friday night was one of the best ever ( last year was great, so I am glad people thought it was better then that). It something to see college age and high school kids washing the feet of middle school kids and praying over them one at a time. What is even a stronger vision is the middle school kids praying over the high school and college leaders who help at this camp.

I was touched when the other leaders of camp prayed over me. It amazing how often in ministry I feel unloved by the church, it was good to experience that love. I know God loves me, sometimes you wonder about the other people in your life, well at least I do.

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