Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Death of Leo

One of my favorite shows, all the way back to the beginning is The West Wing. There is not an episode of the show I have not seen. I have turned scenes of the show into bible studies, used clips from the show in youth group as a discussion starter, and gotten numerous illustrations and stories that were originally shared on the show. The show is smart, fast paced, and represents the west wing in a way that makes me sincerely hope that is how our government operates.

That being said, I was really sad yesterday to learn that John Spencer, who plays long time Chief of Staff to the President and current Vice Presidential candidate, passed away of a heart attack.
The first scene of the very first episode is a classic one that shows Leo walking through the west wing first thing in the morning and things are hectic as usual and as he walks and never slows down he is giving orders as fast as people can take them. From that first moment, viewers were drawn to his character. Leo was the Karl Rove of the west wing. Behind the scenes, controlling everything that goes on in the party, and hand picked Jed Bartlet and led him to the White House. In another twist of irony, the character suffered a heart attack on the show. Not only that, they were also both recovering alcoholics. Leo was a beacon of loyalty on the show, even at one point risking his career so that the president would not look bad for one news cycle.

He will be missed and I am really curious to see how the writers are going to handle the second half of the season in January. You will be missed Mr. Spencer.

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