Saturday, December 24, 2005

What A fun Day

What  A fun Day

Yesterday the 23rd of December was one of those days with a lot of fun and business of the day. I handled  sound for a funeral, It was interesting thinking of death so close to Christmas. With not only this funeral, the death of Tony Dungy son, and 2 staff members lost in laws in the past couple of days. There is a lot of death around the church, at the this time of a birth of Jesus.

Afternoon was lunch with Aaron and Brett Johnson ( Parker Youth) who were in the twin cities having for the holidays. The afternoon was meetings for Christmas eve services. Around 6 pm got a call from Ty Schraufnagel who is also from Parker who in town for about a week  seeing relatives. He called and his Brother, Austin and I took off to see the NBA game at the Target Center, followed by a nice burger at Fudruckers. A quick stop at Cub for shopping and then to church around 1 am working on a sound issue.

I love busy days that are not only busy, but fun

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