Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The First Blog

Welcome to my Blog, I am living in Hastings MN.. I am currently serving as a youth pastor at Hastings United Methodist Church. You will read some posts on Youth Ministry, Life and my favorite sports teams. The Steelers and The Ohio State University.


Anonymous said...

HHmm...The Steelers.... too bad Big Ben is out. They have no chance without him. Doesn't it seem odd that a 2nd year QB makes that much of a difference compared to a veteren QB like Maddox? Is the Big Ben THAT good? Or is Maddox THAT bad?

The King
p.s. Welcome to Blogger World!!!

juxtaposed said...

Hey Mitchem. I love the Steelers too. Check out my blog. I've been on Blogger for a while, but just published my first blog. Hope all is well!