Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My first taste of winter in Hastings !!!

The first snowfall is starting in Hastings this evening. We may get up to 4 inches of snow before tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to the snow. The main reason is I am leaving town on Thursday. First  I am off to the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville. I have not been in Tennessee for years since visiting Atoka ( population 848 – Insert small town jokes here please!). My thinking is that Nashville will be a little bit bigger, there will be over 7000 youth workers hanging in downtown Nashville.  I will arrive back in Hastings Monday night and spend my first major  “Family”  holiday here in Hastings. It will be great to connect with some of the college students who will return for the long Thanksgiving weekend,  Then Sunday I fly off for a quick trip to see a close friend, then back to Hastings on Wednesday just before the big 41st Birthday.

I will try to blog with great questions/comment when I am in Nashville.

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