Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nashville Day 1

Well after a staff meeting, ( I love my staff we just have a blast together!), a meeting with area youth pastors and a flight I have landed in Nashville.

The Renaissance Hotel is a great hotel, When I check in they noticed that I am Marriott Reward customer, so they upgrade my room to a nice large corner room and I am on the 15th floor. The view of the downtown is great.

Checked out the Vendors area and got some free shirts and some information. There is a lot of vendors selling everything you need and a lot of things you will never need in youth ministry.

I enjoyed talking to Mediashout folks here; I will be meeting with them 1-1 tomorrow to better understand the Media software I use in youth ministry. This is great since we are moving to use the Mediashout 3.0 in worship starting next month.

I did leave the hotel and visited a great BBQ place a couple of blocks from the hotel. Great food, it was a cold walk with temperatures around 32 so it was a brisk walk. When it nicer this weekend I am going to stop in a couple of places and hear some country music

I love sweet tea in the south.

I am off to read a little before I am off to bed.

More tomorrow

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