Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nashville has ended

Nashville has ended, and I am home. The Sunday Afternoon session had Louie G preaching, there is nobody who can preach like Louie, with his closing and then singing by Tomlin, was unbelievable. With 7000 people you could hear a pin drop during Louie session, He talked about how worship is way to complicated today. His closing had me speechless, I just sat at the end of the session.  I have listen  3 times since he was done and it still bring tears to my eyes, Chris played 1 ½  a songs then just let the crowd finish the last part of the song. You could see Marko was speechless and just let the moment be the moment to close the session.

Monday-- Marko did a great job in closing the session, I missed not doing communion, but understand with 7000 people, why that happen. The closing song I was able to see Tic, Karla and Marko together, truly that a unique and powerful friendship, I do not know them, but love them.

I guess the judge of a good YS is how you do when you get home, My devo life has never been this strong after a YS event, I hope it continues.