Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Off to Nashville

I am off on Thursday to Nashville at the National Youth Workers Convention with 7500 other youth workers, this is my 5th year of going. An idea was made to share what are my priorities while at the convention, so therefore

When I am at YS I Promise….

To be still for at least 30 minutes each day in prayer.

To refuse bringing up numbers, percentages, or projections about how huge my ministry is or is going to be.

To admit that every person attending YS is probably smarter, nicer, more godly and more faithful than me.

To thoughtfully fill out a seminar evaluation form.

To worship God… not David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, or to focus on the cool media, but to worship God with all of heart, mind and soul.

To sit in the front row of the seminar I attend. Not the back.

…To see, in every youth worker, 10 students they love, and recognize that this convention isn’t about 7000, but 70,000… and then I will pray, weep, and say “thank you” to God who lets us love “the least of these”… teenagers.

Take time for myself to watch the OSU football game on Saturday

To go out one night and see downtown Nashville, and not just stay in my hotel room.

To call or write one person each day whom I have not been faithful about connecting since I have left Colorado, to remind them how important they are in my life.

To attend the 8 am Bible Study with Tic Long every day ( just found out it at 7:15 on Saturday)

To do something unique and special for Karla Yac….

To be social and greet each person who sits next to me in the General Sessions and seminars.

Spend less time on Email for 4 days.

Restart my prayer list

To spend time in the bible each day.

Well we will see how good I do when I return

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