Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Missing People

Is it not interesting who God puts in your life for even a short period of time? I got an email from Chris Martin, a college student at Colorado Christian College. Chris and I only spent a little time together maybe a couple of meals and time working on Up with Youth ( a huge youth gathering in the Rocky Mountain Conference), but we always had a blast together. Chris was always fun to be with, even at 3 am in the morning when we had a little youth breakout of the dorm rooms.

I heard from Pat Bell today, the main singer of Parker Praise and Worship band, after the email and talking to Kurt last night, I think I miss just the sharing of time, not even the band moments, but just sharing of life!

There are already people here in Minnesota, that I cannot imagine not sharing day to day life with and it only been a few months.

I wonder who else God has in my life for a short time, but will leave a lasting impression on me and my ministry. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself and be in Ohio, Colorado and Minnesota all at the same moment, just to be with people. I look forward to all of my neat friends being in one place when our life is done here on this earth.

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